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OffGridBox Delivers with Tive

Rob Stevens May 29, 2017

While most of the companies we work with are large manufacturing or shipping companies, occasionally we work with a smaller organization.  We thought we’d highlight one of our customers, OffGridBox, who uses Tive in an unusual way for a really unique and worthwhile purpose.  I recently interviewed Davide Bonsignore, COO of OffGridBox.

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Nokia Shows off Tive at Hannover Fair

Krenar Komoni May 08, 2017

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Hannover Fair, one of the largest trade shows in the world.  Even more exciting than just being at the show, I was there with our partner Nokia as they shared their vision of how a real-time view of their supply chain will change their operations.  

Topics: Supply Chain Visibility, Events, Customers

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