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IoT Food Sensors Make Supply Chain Visibility a Piece of Cake

Dagny Dukach August 29, 2017

There’s a lot of buzz around IoT and its potential to revolutionize supply chain management. But what does IoT really mean? On the one hand, it’s about connectivity -- instantaneous data transmission anytime, anywhere. But the other key piece is getting access to that data in the first place. That’s why we were excited to read the recent news regarding the development of new IoT-enabled sensors that help consumers and businesses tell whether food is still safe to eat. Researchers with the American Chemical Society are developing cheap, disposable sensors that provide real-time information about the condition of food products, making it possible to know whether products are spoiled without performing any special tests or using any specialized equipment.

Topics: Supply Chain Visibility, Sensors, IOT, Connectivity

New Report Forecasts IoT Asset Tracking Devices will Triple by 2022

Dagny Dukach August 21, 2017

A recent study published by Mobile Experts LLC found that the use of asset tracking IoT (Internet of Things) devices is expected to triple by 2022. The report suggests that more and more companies -- particularly high-value manufacturers -- are investing in digital IoT solutions to track their products across complex supply chains.

Topics: Supply Chain Visibility, Asset Tracking, IOT

Move Over RFID: Real ‘Supply Chain Visibility’ is Here

Rob Stevens August 14, 2017

In the annals of predictions that don’t come true, TV meteorologists hold the top spot, followed by political pollsters and the cover of Sports Illustrated. Rounding out the top five are the long string of technology pundits who confidently predicted that supply chain RFID tracking would conquer and re-shape the global logistics industry.

Topics: Supply Chain Visibility, Sensors, IOT, Connectivity

‘Lean’ Isn’t Enough: 3 Steps to a Smart Supply Chain

Rob Stevens July 27, 2017

"We must not seek to optimize every resource in the system. A system of local optimums is not an optimum system at all." That’s what Jonah, the cigar-puffing sage of the famous Lean Manufacturing how-to novel, The Goal, tells Alex Rogo, a plant manager trying to reduce inventory.

Topics: Supply Chain, Sensors, IOT

Beyond Visibility: How to Build a Supply Chain That Thinks

Rob Stevens July 17, 2017

It's no surprise that tech is changing supply chain, but it is a bit surprising how far apart the worlds of tech and supply chain can be.  When we attend tech events, there's lots of talk of IOT backbones and new LPWAN formats that are replacing LTE, but when we hang out with supply chain people the talk is of problems with the MRP system and new EDP regulations and what the difference is between WMS and WES.  As proof of my point, I'll bet that many of you reading this understood only the first part of my previous sentence, and many understood only the second part.  (If you understood both please email me, we're hiring people like you.)

Topics: Supply Chain Visibility, Sensors, IOT

Welcome to the (Real) Wireless Age

Krenar Komoni July 11, 2017

In 1903, a wireless transmission station built by Guglielmo Marconi in South Wellfleet, Massachusetts was used to send the world’s first wireless transatlantic telegram: it was a simple greeting from Theodore Roosevelt to King Edward VII of the UK, and it laid the foundation for a century of innovation in wireless communication.

Topics: IOT, Boston, Connectivity

Massachusetts, Home of IoT

Rob Stevens July 05, 2017

The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council recently released a report (download it here) on the Internet of Things (IoT) that contained some interesting historical perspective on a fairly modern topic.  Tive is located in Boston so I'm a bit biased toward Massachusetts, but even I was surprised by how big a role the Boston area has played in the development of IoT.  

Topics: Tive, IOT, Boston

The Industrial Internet of Things Is Really Happening

Rob Stevens June 13, 2017

Last week I had the fortune to attend an event hosted by a large private equity firm focusing on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  This was a private event so I'm not going to name any names, but the attendees included at least four CEOs of publicly traded companies, senior executives at some of the largest companies in America, and a handful of technology providers (yes, that's how I got in).  

Topics: Supply Chain, Sensors, IOT

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